Adult Workshops

Special Saturday Offerings provide hands-on activities, crafts and instruction centered around specific areas of the farm.¬†They run on Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, include a snack, and require advanced registration.  You can register for individual programs or for the whole series!  

Email us: or call us at (631)689-8172

Chicken Workshop May 6th Basic strategies to raise a small flock. Housing , breeds, care, incubation, legality, fertilizer and benefits will be discussed, 1-3 $35

Natural Fibers Workshop May 14th  learn how to card, spin, weave and dye in this comprehensive workshop featuring  wool from our sheep.  Bring a child for $10,   Jean Benner, 1 - 3, $40

Milking to Cheese Dairy Workshop May 20th Learn about dairy animals, milk a goat, prepare the product, make butter and simple cheeses 1 - 3 $40

Putting up Jams and Jellies Workshop June 17th Learn to make and preserve early garden fruits into delicious treats. 10-12 $40