In School Colonial Arts

Through a creative hands-on approach, students will experience early America at work and play.  Children actively participate in many of the creative tasks that formed an important part of the lives of our colonial, pioneer, and early American forefathers and mothers.  Children prepare, spin, and weave wool, write with a quill pen, and make a toy.  They grind corn, bake, and taste an early American food.  We encourage children to thoughtfully compare our present lifestyles to the lives of our ancestors.  This unique curriculum enrichment program is designed to give students an indepth awareness of our Long Island Heritage and will integrate a wide variety of traditional experiences into your curriculum.  Your students will learn some of the crafts, skills, chores, foods, shelters, clothing and forms of entertainment that were part of the daily lives of our colonial ancestors.  Through cooperative planning, we will enhance your classroom and provide a focal point for your teaching.

Main Objectives:

Through the Colonial Crafts Program, students will identify and compare our present lifestyles to the lives of our colonial ancestors.  They will learn about self-sufficiency and develop a realistic view of how much time and effort was involved in the day-to-day living of early Long Islanders. By being active participants, students will learn through first hand experience, the best teacher of all!

Scheduling information:

   Special presentation to all classes to be involved in workshops covering Long Island lifestyle changes over time.   35 minutes to an hour

  ~ Demonstration, instruction, and hands on workshop:  One hour for each class Including:  Carding and spinning of wool, weaving, wood working, top making, early American cooking, corn grinding, Johnny cakes, Stencils, quill pen and ink.

In a fullday program, 3 to 4 classes meet for an overview, followed by one hour individual class workshops doing handson activities.

Colonial Crafts is a Suffolk BOCES ArtsInEducation Program.  We no longer work with Nassau BOCES

$800 Per day, $500 half day in Suffolk County

$900 Per day, $500 half day in Nassau County