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We are open weekends to see All the animals, their babies, the big pig and more

for kids and filling up!

Mommy and Me, Farm Fun and Down on the Farm programs first sessions start April 8th...

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This Weekend come hear great Poetry!
Our Mommy and Me and other courses, our Summer Camp and our spring Workshops are up online now,
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We've been working all over the farm to improve your experiences when you visit. We have refenced the Duck and Geese area and have finished the new Goat Shed and refencing it. There is a new pathway between the new pens. We have planted many new trees and shrubs around the farm to replace some of the woods and wildlife habitat taken away by Sandy. In addition we have plans to put deer fence around the perimeter of the farm so that we won't have to have the electric fence in our gardens and fields. The fence has worked well this spring, summer and fall but is an eyesore, so we look forward to taking it down.

We had a great fall season with many visitors and a record number for Homestead Arts' Harvest Fair. We felt that we were understaffed and call on our Friends of the Farm to sign up with Stacey at 631-689-8172 to volunteer at some of our larger events. We would love to have your help!

As usual we have great plans for the new year and look forward to seeing you at the Baby Barnyard, Easter Egg Hunt, Homestead Arts' Mayday Celebration, Spring Break Camp, our Mothers Day Tea and our wonderful Strawberry Fair Weekend. Our kids Workshops and Courses like Mommy and Me and Farm Fun will also be given throughout the spring. . . and then Camp and.....Check out the calendar

We look forward to seeing you soon! Give us a call at 631-689-8172 if you need any information or want to book a class, party or special event. Stacey will be in the office from 11 till 2 most days.

See you soon!