Kids Programs and Workshops

Special Program and Workshop Offerings provide hands-on activities, crafts and instruction centered around specific areas of the farm during the Covid Pandemic.  We will be designing all offerings with safety in mind for the children and staff.  Below find a variety of offerings from Arts and Crafts to Scientific investigations, from Storytelling to Improvisation, and from Creative Writing and Filmaking to Astronomy. Our Staff has come up with far reaching choices for your kids.

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Here are the Programs and Workshops that we offer:

Little Gardeners Workshop w/Jess

Want to try gardening?  Farmer Jess will teach the basics of gardening to our little farmers. Students will get to plant, garden, learn about worms and dirt, help in our farm gardens and take home a garden craft of their own! 10am-12pm $40  (Drop off or stay) ages 5-y years old

Secret Farm Garden

Our farm teachers have claimed a garden bed at Benner's Farm. They need a team of helpers to revamp it! In this program, you will work with each other to choose garden veggies and learn which grow best together-or don't.  Come prepared to weed, play in the dirt, and get your hands dirty! We will paint some garden signage and learn along the way! Ages 8-15 ($75 a booking) Offered as a Wednesday & Thursday class.

Art, Color & Fun w/Frank

Want to paint and create on the farm? Farmer Frank offers a wonderful opportunity to do so! Offered twice a week. Children will explore the farm and use their creativity to create amazing pieces of art. We will engage in painting, clay play, 3D art, and other activities allowing the children to get a sense of their abilities and helping them along the way. Ages 7-15. Offered weekly class on Tues/Thurs 12:15pm-1:45pm. $75 class booking

Creative Drawing, Photography & Imagery w/Noah

The program involves analyzing the nature that surrounds us and capturing those images in a physical art medium. We will learn to develop our own individual creative skills during this class and place them into our artwork. Ages 10-16 yrs. Offered M/T/W/Th for the week. 10:30-12:30 and 12:45-2:45 each session. $150 booking class

Eco-Science on the Farm w/Katie

Miss Katie is back and ready to combine some farm fun with science! On Wednesday-Friday from 9:30-11:30 AM, Katie will offer a program that combines a traditional farm tour with some ecology-based science experiments. Participants can plan for activities including (but not limited to) using Cabbage to determine pH, lemon volcanoes, and making their own ice cream!

Katie is a NYS certified Biology/Chemistry teacher and a veteran camp counselor at Benner’s Farm.  Ages 7 yrs and up. W/TH 9:30am-11am weekly. $75 weekly booking

Farm Game Design w/Ryan

This program aims to not only bring camp games back into the summer but also use those games to teach children about game design. Exploring the ideas of what every game needs to function, the fairness in games, and more! Children will design their own games on the farm, take farm tours, and tractor rides for inspiration. On Friday, children will showcase their games to their peers and farm staffer. Ages 8-10 yrs old. M/W/F 9:15am-11:15am & 2:00pm-4:00pm each week. $110 weekly booking,

Outdoor Getaway w/Ryan

This outdoor play program allows children to get outside and enjoy nature, socialize with their peers and to learn different areas of the farm and nature and how they function. We will be taking hikes in the farm woods and property, taking tractor rides and documenting our findings. Play farm inspired games and learn about Mother Nature and all her beautiful surroundings! Ages 9-11 yrs. T/TH 9:15am-11:15am & 2:00pm-4:00pm each week. $75 weekly booking.

Imaginative Story-Writing w/Joe

This class will allow children to express themselves through writing and learn about the importance of storytelling. Children will explore the farm with a farm staff member, take a tractor ride and hike our woods for inspiration in their stories. Ages 9-12 yrs. Offered as a two day class. M/TU & TH/F 11:00am-1:00pm & 1:30pm-3:30pm $75 per class booking.

Improv Class @ the Farm w/Miss Ashley

Children will be able to express themselves through acting, dancing, and many other talents, getting the chance to show their creative side! Improv games will be held as well as fun theater exercise games. Children will get the opportunity to perform a small show at the end of each weeks class. Ages 9-16. Offered 2 days T/TH 12:30-2:30pm $75 week booking.

Lets Chat! w/Miss Ashley

Kids will have the opportunity to hang out and talk with their farm friends in a safe environment. This program will allow them to socialize with their friends (old and new) and course counselor.  Activities include: making friendship bracelets, paint #spreadthekindness rocks for the community, play games and socialize on a connecting level with their peers. At the end of the week the children will write down their goals they want to achieve to keep them motivated, letting them know that during this pandemic they can still achieve their goals with friends! Ages 9-16 yrs old. Offered M/W/F 10:15am-12:15pm. $110 booking week

Nature Art w/Jess

This class will allow children to explore the farm for materials. During their walks, children will gather materials, visit with the animals, and take tractor rides.  There will be a story and take-home crafts each week.  Ages 5-7 yrs. Offered Mon & Wed 9:00am-11:00am or Tues & Thurs. 9am-11am. $75 per class booking.

Weed and Feed w/Jess

Each week, this program will begin with specific animal to observe. Every child will receive a graphic organizer to document observations and connect with the animal. There will be activities, a farm tour, tractor rides, hiking and working in the gardens on the farm. The children will be able to "weed" the farm land, and "feed" to the animals each week.  Ages 5-7 yrs.   Offered Mon & Wed 1:00pm-3:00pm or Tues & Thurs. 1:00pm-3:00pm. $75 per class booking.

Fairy House Workshop w/Jess

If you believe in faeries, join us to build special houses for them to spend the winter. Make them strong and cozy and put themin your garden so they will stay with you all winter long!   Ages 5-10 yrs. $40 10am-12pm

Aug 8

Bugs Galore! Workshop w/Jess

Join us for a bug workshop on the farm.  Children will explore different environments throughout the farm to discover bug habitats and then creating their own! We will go on a "bug hunt" with our clipboard and checklist. Hiking, exploring, farm tour, tractor rides, and more for the week!  Ages 5-10 yrs. $40 10am-12pm


These pictures do not show the safety measures we will be taking.

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