Incubation Information

2015 prices and details:

ϖ Eggs cost $6 per fertile dozen
ϖ A small bag of feed for the chicks when they hatch is available for $2
ϖ Returning Chick fee is $1 per chick.(to offset brooding expenses and promote frugality)
ϖ Eggs should be ordered in advance to ensure availability
ϖ Return times must be pre-scheduled so that someone is available to help you*

*If you are returning chicks to us,
1. They must be less than 2 weeks old.
2. Chicks must remain in the class until being returned together to us. PLEASE do not send them home with students!

ϖ We have found our eggs to hatch at about a 70+% success rate. (8+ out of 12)


1. Run your incubator for a few days prior to starting eggs to ensure it is maintaining a steady temperature

2. Leave a note on the outlets you plug incubators into so that your custodians know not to unplug the machines

3. Remember to turn your eggs at least 3 times a day (until day 18) if your incubator doesn’t do this for you.


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