We've been having festivals here on the farm for over twenty years!
Come to one of our seasonal events and not only enjoy the farm but special treats and specialties of that celebration.
Live music, homestead crafts, and homemade foods fill out the days.
Email us: Folks@bennersfarm.com or call us at (631)689-8172

Maple Sugaring Day February 21st 2015, 12-4

Join us to learn about how to make maple syrup, candy and other sweets from our maple trees


Strawberry Fair June 6th & 7th, 2015, 12-4

Join us to celebrate the sweet delicious spring strawberry, learn how to make jam, chocolated berries and ice cream StrawberryBanner

Mayday Celebration May 3rd 2015, 12-4

Join us at the Maypole, enjoy the dancing and good old fashioned music at the farm


Harvest Festival October 12th, 12-4

Join us for a day of fun picking pumpkins and listening to good old fashioned music at the farm