Kids Workshops


~ Bunny Blast (kids 4 and up), April 8th

This hands-on bunny workshop allows children to hold and snuggle with some of our new baby bunnies.  Children will learn about the care and feeding of rabbits, make a soft bunny craft and more. Taught by Judy Wilson 10-12 $35

Caterpillars & Critters (kids 3 and up), April 22nd

Make and take home a foot-long caterpillar that will grow into a flower garden.  Learn about the bugs and critters that live in the garden.  Taught by Erica Heilman 10-12 $35

Cuddle and Care for Barnyard Babies (kids 3 and up), April 29th & May 20th  Our popular introduction to our new baby animals will run twice.  Children will be introduced to all of our baby animals and discover what they eat, how they grow and how we take care of them.  Choose the best one for your schedule.  Taught by Farm Staff, 10-12 $35

Feather their Nest  (kids 5 and up), May 6th

The Baltimore Orioles have returned to the farm! Help all our feathered friends build the softest nests ever by filling a mesh bag with all sorts of surprising materials to take home. Watch to see what the birds chose and see if you can find where they built their nests.Taught by Erika Heilmann 10-12 $35

Grow and Taste Garden  (kids 5 and up), May 13th  It's Spring! Let's get our hands dirty and plant some seeds! We'll plant an edible vegetable and flower garden to take home, pick from our early spring garden and taste what your seeds will grow to be!  Taught by Erika Heilmann 10-12 $35

Sensational Strawberries (kids 4 and up), June 3rd

Join us as we hike to the strawberry field, pick ripe fruit and make delicious goodies to eat, take home and enjoy. Help transform our delicious strawberries into jam, ice cream, cupcakes and more.  Farm Staff, 10-12  $40