The folks at Benner's Farm know that families are tired of being cooped up in their houses, keeping up with schoolwork and trying not to be bored.

This learning kit will help with some of that boredom and perhaps inspire a new hobby while actually growing some of the food that families eat.  Each day from the time that the seeds are planted till the vegetables are harvested will be slightly different from the one before as the plants grow, mature and finally give; roots, stalks, leaves, flowers and fruit to eat!

We have chosen 12 different vegetable and flower seeds that have not only different shapes and sizes but all grow differently from one another. With care they will eventually mature and be picked for the table.

All the basics for soil preparation, seeding, transplanting, caring for and finally reaping the harvest is included in the kit.

This Learning Kit will help chase away the Covid blues.

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We are fine!

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Weekend Visits...We will be closed for weekend visits till the spring.

Special Birthday Parties

What a great place to have your sweet sixteen or first birthday party!

Teachers, call to book your classes for the Spring Season, Colonial Programs both in school and on the farm. What a great way to cover your Long Island Social Studies curriculum!

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