We offer a different theme every day during our week long camps. Below find some general information on what we are planning.

~Barnyard Animals day: During the week we will learn about a different animal and why it’s on the farm . We will study the difference between mammals and birds, incubate eggs, milk goats, watch for new bunnies and more! On that day craft projects will relate to the animals and our snack will come from the farm.

~Nature Crafts and Science day: We’ll learn more about wild birds and animals in the woods and fields around the farm. Using binoculars and microscopes we will study and make related projects like container garden and bug observation houses.

~Historic Crafts day: We will learn about how people lived before automobiles and electricity. We will learn about making our own clothes, candles and soap and make toys from scratch and play old time games and make things that our great-grandparents made when they were kids!

~Recycle day: Jumping back to modern times we will learn how to make our world a better place through recycling and conservation of natural resources. Crafts will reuse every day materials to create new exciting things like Kites and sun catchers, recycled paper and papier machet colored with natural dyes and wild berry inks.

~Foods and Crafts from the Farm day: We’ll make butter and bread using farm fresh ingredients and preserve foods by salting and drying. Perhaps we’ll make a basket to pick berries or make cheese, discovering how nature provides for us all.

Be a farmer for a week and experience summer life on a real working farm. 2019 will be our twenty second year of summer camp and it will be a great one!

Camp weeks will start on: June 27th, (June 27 & 28, July 1,2,3), July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12th & 19th